Our Portfolio Program is an advertising master that lasts 2 years (divided into 8 quarters) in which you will be able to develop your full creative potential. In Miami Ad School we want you to create a high quality portfolio that will enable you to present yourself and work in any advertising agency in the world and land a good job.

We offer three different programs:


During your first year you will study in Madrid and on your second year you will be able to travel each of the 4 quarters to a different destination. You will learn about the world, the different ways of advertising in each culture and gain professional experience in the best agencies and schools of our network. New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Sao Paulo, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Los Angeles, Paris… the world at your feet!


Your instructors are professionals who are working in the best advertising agencies and they will guide you and help you create your portfolio so that you can develop the skills needed to satisfy the advertising market.


Miami Ad School is known all over the world for its prestige and the work of our students stands out from the crowd. They are not only working now in recognized agencies but have also won more than one award!

What makes us different?

Unlike other master courses, ours has a duration of two years. The time needed for you to win prizes in the best advertising festivals, go on an Exchange to a different country, work in an advertising agency to gain professional experience and develop a contact network that will open new doors for yo. We believe you learn by doing, by working hard and being passionate in everything you do.


We also give you the option to take our courses in both English and Spanish. Our bilingual program allows you to do this by taking 50% of your classes in English and 50% in Spanish. That way you can not only improve your language skills but also increase your possibilities of working in different countries.


After spending 2 years in our school you also have the possibility to study another year in Southampton Solent University where you will receive an official Bachelor of Arts degree in advertising, media production or design. Miami Ad School is not just an advertising school; it is an experience you can´t miss.

Why a Portfolio?

Your portfolio will be the result of your best creative pieces. With pieces we mean your ideas, work and projects. It is the curriculum that every advertising professional should have.


It contains the best ideas and spots you have developed. These can be prints, 360 campaigns, digital actions, sports or your personal work. It does not matter if you are a copywriter, art director or designer you will always need a book to present yourself. It is your way to show the world what you are capable of and be able to impress agencies and companies with your work.



Check out some of the work our students have done!

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