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Our school network started in 1993 when Ron and Pippa Seichrist decided to create the advertising school they had always wished they had gone to. Since then, they have grown to be a network of 14 schools, inspiring students all over the world and guiding them in the advertising industry.

When you walk into a Miami Ad School anywhere in the world, you’ll feel at home. You’ll be surrounded by friendly people gathered in small groups brainstorming ideas. As a student, you enter a very large, close family and graduate over prepared with a great portfolio and global, real-world experience.

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Be part of the more than 7.000 people who have started their career at Miami Ad School.

Because your instructors are in the business, you have direct access to a whole advertising network starting your first day of school. Work hard and impress your teachers and they will be a lifelong resource of knowledge and recommendations.

Within one quarter, you will have access to up to nine more industry professionals through our weekly guest speaker series. Every week we fly in a rock star in advertising who gives a presentation, and their contact info, to the whole school.

Advertising agencies from all over the country come to interview you. You will have multiple interviews all in one day and in one place. It is your opportunity to get yourself known in the industry, meet other professionals and land a job opportunity!

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