Will I receive any help to find accommodation?

Of course, we will help you with any way we can: we will let you know which are the best websites to find a house and will put you in contact with other students through our Facebook group who are also looking or renting their house.

Which is the best zone to live?

Our school is situated in the center of the city near the university area. You will be close to Malasaña, one of the best neighborhoods  to go out, have dinner or enjoy be at a terrace by the sun.

We advice you to live near the center if you want to be close to the city life and save some money on transport. You can also live by Chamberí in the areas of  Gaztambide, Arapiles y Trafalgar.

What are the living costs in Madrid?

Madrid is not an expensive city. Here are some references so you can get an idea: Your most important expense will be rent which can be between  400 and 600€ a month. A metro/bus ticket is  1,50€ but if you are under 26 years you can get a monthly pass for 20€. A coffee can cost as little as 1€, and you can easily eat for 10€ in restaurants that have a daily menu. If you like to go out, there are many bars where you can have a beer for 2€ and you will also get “tapas” with your beer.

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