Los mejores spots de Latinoamérica por Pablo del Campo.

Los mejores spots de Latinoamérica por Pablo del Campo.
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Navegando por la red nos hemos topado con un artículo de Gun Report en el que Pablo del Campo, Worldwide Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi, hace una recopilación de lo que, en su opinión, sería una representación de los mejores spots latinoaméricanos. Un recorrido por la publicidad de los últimos 20 años digno de ver.

When Donald called me to put together a reel that could represent advertising on film in Latin America, I liked the idea. But it made me a bit uncomfortable since most of the good film work of the region is from my own country, Argentina. Then I thought, if Marcello Serpa is being asked to gather the best print works of the region, most definitely, 80% of those works would be from Brazil. And it would be ok. So here you have it, my signature reel which I think represents the region (subjectively speaking…). There’s a bit of everything in it and it reflects different moments of Latin America. A region working with small ideas used domestically in their own countries that networks and global announcers started to buy for other markets; a Latam with ideas of more ambitious productions used in regional countries that broke beyond the region as well; a Latam doing creativity and productions for campaigns that were not used in the countries of the region (and in some cases for brands that don’t even exist here). The world has changed. Inevitably, so has our region. However, it’s good to see how well everything coexists in this part of the world (creative local works with small or big ideas; or global works with big or small ideas; and even works that are seen outside the region and not in it). These lands have a very rich advertising history. Nevertheless, we are working for an industry in a region that seems to be going through a unique and unrepeatable time. I hope you enjoy the reel.

Pablo Del Campo

Worldwide Creative Director, Saatchi & Saatchi

Os dejamos una pequeña selección del reel. Pero, os recomendamos que, si tenéis un rato, os pongáis cómodos para ver su selección (The Best Of Latin America – Una galería de vídeos a la derecha de la web) porque hay auténticas joyas de la publicidad y desde luego un gran ejemplo de buena creatividad y grandes ideas.

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